Audiophile TT article in Forbes

I am going to try one more time with this tread because I believe the Audiogon Moderator is flagging this because of the naming of a name. In the latest Forbes special issue there is a nice article about the resurrection of vinyl and Audiophile grade TT. The article shows some nice pictures of high end grade TT with there tone arms and statements from VPI owner claiming every time he wakes up he pinches himself to think in a digital age sales are up steadily. But the big eye opener was that very well known vinyl and turntable guru from a major audio magazine is purchasing a one hundred grand table and tone arm combo Continuum Audio Labs Caliburn turntable & Cobra tonearm
for much less than retail what is much less the article never states but I would guess to venture half off listed which if my math is good would be fifty grand total. Now I don't really have a problem with this but in the article the writer states he the well known guru reviewer is also going to write off the purchase as a business deduction? I am not a CPA or a tax attorney but I would guess that this would raise a red flag at the local/federal tax office as being a LUXURY item. Can you honestly think that standing in tax court a judge wouldn't ask you do they really make a 100 grand turntable and why do you need this piece of gear just to listen and review a record or even having to compare it to the competition.
No reason to be sorry Chadnliz I enjoy the tongue and cheek as long as no words harm and insult.
I have forwarded this link on to my CPA for his amusement. Haven't you guys got anything better to think about? Maybe you could talk about all of the time I spent on the phone with the writer of the Forbes story trying to make sure our hobby/industry was put in the most positive light instead of the story becoming on of those "audiophiles are weirdos" pieces that often run....that might make a better subject for discussion than my tax write offs....
" was almost if I was looking at [P]enthouse for the first time."

First I laughed, then I agreed with you, and finally I realized how sick we are and on how many levels. ;-)
First I laughed, then I agreed with you, and finally I realized how sick we are and on how many levels. ;-)Thats what this is all about to bring a little laughter and also spoof on each other in a good clean and fun way. Hey I remmember when Ralph Kramden gave Ed Norton a look of disgust when Ed told him that he takes off a business deduction when he conducts business in his bathroom, and Ralph said what buisness deduction can you possibly take off in your apt when you work in a sewer and Ed tells him that he practices his plumbing technigue in the bathroom.
The Table in question is a freakin' Caliburn. Perhaps the best table/Arm in existance. As long as he can afford it (I know I can' t) I say why not.

And unlike a trickle down economy, trickle down technology may just allow me to afford Continuum's new cheaper Copperhead tonearm at some point, and the buyers that fund the 100K systems help to make that happen.