Audiophile Truth 23

Nobody's current speakers are "bright". Yet, somehow, most people have owned "bright" speakers in the past.
It's the same for car reviews. The reviewer practically falls over himself, doting on the car's attributes only to take exception to it a year later when comparing to the newer version, bringing up 'obvious' faults of the older one.

One must take note that these deficiencies would be apparent upon a first sample and yet they never make it into the initial findings.
ok, i'll bite.

first your assertion of truth is untruthful. it is but an opinion, and in this case, i am confident that someone owns a speaker whose frequency response favors the lower treble and would be considered bright.

the fact that you have not received any responses could mean that you are just kidding, or generalizations are generally incorrect, or while your assertions are true in some cases they are not in others.

in any case, what is the pirpose of your statements ?

are you trying to be delberately provocative ?
I have never owned bright speakers but I've sold a few pair for sure.
by the way, what are the first twenty two truths. since you started at 23, i assume there are 22 other truths as well.

instead of titling your threads audio truths, why not say "audio fictions" ?
Great posts.