Audiophile Tool Bingo

I was thinking about how many tools (i.e. gadgets) I have to set up my stereo properly.  Maybe we should make an audiophile Bingo game out of the number of these you have!

  • Measuring tape
  • Voltage meters
  • Levels
  • Laser levels
  • Measurement microphones
  • Measurement software
  • LP washer

If I give myself 1 point for each, then I score 10.  What's your score??

You can add tools, but no tweaks! That is, the tool has to help you set up, it's not something you leave in place, so the following do not count:

  • Cable lifters
  • Contact enhancers
  • Acoustic panels
  • Power conditioners
  • Interconnects and electronics
  • Vibration controlling devices of any sort
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Helmholtz resonators and diffusers...(straws-bottle-plumbers tubes or cardboard one)

My wodden foldable screen for psycho-acoustic use...

Concrete block for damping speakers and springs....

Composite platforms...(Bamboo plate-sorbothane-granite plate-cork plate-quartz)

Shungite+copper+graphene all along electrical grid or connector or router or electrical box....

Modified grid of Shumann generators....


Various minerals...

SPL meter....

All the rest are simple tools anybody own....

And various cheap materials for passive acoustic treatment including aluminum paper... Empty paper rolls for some resonators... 😊 You can laugh i will smile the last...


Sorry @mahgister - The judges rule you are out of bounds!! Nothing you leave in place and listen to the effects of for this contest! 😁 Acoustic enhancements are right out. Please accept this gift bag of organic vegetable seeds as a consolation prize.

Anything you put in place to improve the sound is not a tool but a component for the sake of this game.