Audiophile systems of awe.

What's the one system that stood out. Nevermind the best speaker or speaker to hang on to forever.
When if ever did you hear a setup that defied the laws of physics in sound reproduction. A sound that's shockingly good!
I still remember the mbl's at the show, they just sounded life-like. I could see where the musicians were playing as if they were there. I never got that again:~(
When if ever did you hear a setup that defied the laws of physics in sound reproduction.

Me never but others do - all the time...

Pedrillo, MBL 101E's are still my fav. to date, they just keep leaving me with a constant grin on my face and find my self shacking my head saying WOW! The experience is so unbelievable you just keep second guessing yourself saying is this for real? Anyone who has listened to my set-up just can't believe it, I see them shaking their head constantly in disbelief of what is taking place, the grin on their face from ear to ear tells all. This all being done in a none designated room, you can be coming into the room, standing up or sitting anywhere and hear things happening like it's live, no other speaker I have owned has ever been able to do this period. I like to be emotionally involved and moved which these most defiantly do in spades. Putting on a new piece of music is always a pleasure and surprise at the same time as you never no what's going to happen which to me is exelerating and exciting all at the same time.

Here's a example; A couple of good friends were over anxiously awaiting to hear my latest being the Magico II's but prior we listened to some music. The music being played was not mine and my first time hearing and all the sudden a piano was set up 3ft off to the right side of the right speaker and about 5ft from the speaker. It was there being played clearly along with other performers every where else, very spooky real and we were all just shaking our heads in disbelieve. Now that's engaging, are the speakers perfect? No but nothing is, only different.

On another note as I mentioned I received a pair of Magico II's used and have to say after my listing experience I'm very disappointed over all and really don't understand what all the talk is. I am doing a real world direct comparison and they are no way in the same league as the MBL 101E's. Regarding that same piece and the piano well it was off to the right aprox. 1ft and possibly out 1ft max, absolutely no comparison to the MBL experience period.
i have mentioned these speakers many times.

i owned a stereo system in the late 60's, which included:

stacked quad 57s, macintosh c 22 preamp, quad 15 watt mono amps, a theorens td 124 table, with ortofon arm and cartridge. that stereo system gave me more listening pleasure than any stereo i have heard since.

i have been attending ces show since 1992, as well as stereophile shows, have many audio buddies. none of the stereo system in production approach the naturalness of timbre of the stereo system i owned from 1967 to 1973.
In the mid 1990’s I met Mark Levinson. At that time he ran a company called Cello Music and Film. I heard his system. I have been into this hobby since the early 1970’s. I had never heard anything as life like as the Cello system. I liked it so much I bought one. It took ten years before I ever heard a system that sounded better.
Davidny, what was the system that trumped the cello music system?

Yeah, as Pedrillo asked, what was the system that trumped the Cello system?
The best system I ever heard (that was many years ago, and I might have a different opinion now) Was a Decca London cartridge, in (I think) a Linn table, into Audio Research tube preamp, and Audio Research tube mono amps into Infinity Servo-Static 1A speakers. It took my breath away. ..but then I head the total Cello system a few years ago and wasn't impressed at all.
The MBL systems that I had heard in the last two hi-end shows were definitely impressive, but only with some types of music. I had spent at least three hours in their rooms at each show. Some of the music they were playing just took my breath away. But these are mostly large scale music like choral, orchestral, or rock music. I tried some small jazz ensembles, solo instruments or solo vocals, and although they still sound impressive, the system make them "much, much larger than life".

At Stereophile show two years ago, MBL played a choral track from a Reference Recording CD over and over. It was so awesome, that many people went straight to Reference Recording's room to buy the CD after each demo. I was one of them. That CD was from 1991 and I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out to be the best selling CD for RR at that show. I've been using that track as a reference when I audition speakers/systems. But I've not heard anything that came close to what the MBL system was able to do.

Kharma Exquisite Reference 1E speakers, a pair of mbl 9011 amps, mbl 6010D pre amp, mbl 1621A/1611F transport & DAC.
I listened to a B&W Nautilus 800 (the snail) system a couple of weeks ago which rewrote my book on hi-fi and forced me to ditch a number of prejudices. First to go was my anti-B&W bias. They have never done anything for me until I heard these things.

Next to go was my bias against Class D. The B&W's were powered by Jeff Rowland Class D amps, and they were wonderful - extended at the top and bottom, incredible control, no coloration. At the top of the market, most amps only vary by degree of refinement - and I kid you not, these amps had the kind of refined elegant sound that we all want.

Then I had to get rid of my metal tweeter bias. Always hated metal tweeters, because in my previous experience they sound harsh and ... well, metallic. These things were slightly trebly to be sure, but detail retrieval was right up there with my Acapella plasma tweeter. I was shocked because I never thought anything would come close.

Out the window also was my dislike of digital volume controls. In my experience, gain should be analogue, because you lose bits and increase noise with digital. Not here - play as soft as I like and I did not feel I was losing resolution.

Quite simply it was a landmark system. And who would have thought it possible of B&W and Class D amps ...