Audiophile system for Techno and Dance music

Hello fellow audiophiles. What would be your choice of speakers (and other components) for audiophile listening of Techno (!) and Dance music, in a moderate size room ?
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@rixthetrick --

Massive SPL, huge volume cannot possibly compete against a highly resolving sytem, even for Techno or any other EDM music.
I am not saying my 400 watts per channel doesn’t perform, and cannot play loud. However I will state that low distortion, high resolution is certainly more engaging.

One thing doesn’t exclude the other, nor can it do without both in this case. Massive SPL *capabilities* and huge volume translates into ease and very low distortion (lower distortion than most commercial speakers out there) at most any SPL one may desire in a domestic environment, and such a system can as well be very highly resolving. We’re not talking lowest grade Cerwin Vega’s or other boom boxes here (not to speak badly of C.V. per se; the XLS 215’s are decent sounding all-round speakers, underrated or misjudged even, at a very reasonable price), but high quality prosound drivers used in configurations spanning from commercial offerings like Audiokinesis, JBL, Classic Audio, OMA, PBN Audio, JTR and others, to the more outright pro segment including cinema speakers, studio monitors and a variety of other selectively chosen sound reinforcement speakers from the likes of Danley Sound Labs, Electro-Voice, Meyer Sound, K.C.S., JBL and others. Run these actively, preferably and if possible, with quality gear, and I’d be glad to show you that you can indeed have one and the other: massive SPL capabilities, huge volume, low(er) distortion and very high resolution - the combination of which I’d say is what really makes named genre of music tick, and not only that genre.

One example of a pro speaker that can hold its own against most anything is the (no longer in production) Meyer Sound X-10:

Sonically, the Meyer Sound X-10’s kick the hell out of nearly every consumer speaker in the market in term of dynamics and power. They play more loudly. They play more clearly. And they have better bass than nearly any consumer speaker money can buy. I couldn’t disagree with you that they are an odd shape and that they do not have industrial design by Jonathan Ive or Pininfarina, but if you cue up a good recording of a drum kit - there is no one speaker more capable of reproducing the explosive, resolute power of the instrument than the Meyer Sound X-10’s. Blast a shotgun from a movie with an HD soundtrack via Blu-ray and you might reasonably check to see if you have been shot. Where many high end speakers shine best with string quartets and more modest musical compositions - the Meyer Sound X-10s thrive on complicated material. You can play car crash movie scenes in DTS Master Audio at 120 dB all day long without a hint of fatigue, fade or loss of resolution. Play Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite or Mahler’s Tenth at full orchestral levels while listening in a Le Corbusier chair and make your own Maxell ad.

User "review"/feedback of the commercial tower version of the X-10:

Meyer Sounds current über offering, the Bluehorn system:

Above are expensive pro speaker examples, but the good thing is excellent quality here can be had cheaper, not least bought used.
Vimberg.Rockport or Magico ASAP!!
At what price point? Not knowing this I would suggest one of the bigger 3-way JBL monitors with 10 or 12 inch woofers or a pair of the big ZU speakers.
@ phusis
I’ll be the first to admit, the list of devices you have posted URLs for, I have heard not one of them.
I have been to quite a few events, and despite the fact I wasn’t under the influence of recreational pharmaceuticals, I had a great time with the other thousands there.

I worked in a hifi loudspeaker manufacturer’s factory, and in the same area of industry there was a pro audio supply store, where DJs would come and invest in gear. Anyway, I did go and listen to some systems they had from time to time. I was asked what kind of power we were running in our system?? Then the few times I was met with, well.. we have 2000watt amplifiers on each of our bins/speakers.

I am opinionated, I’ll admit it, but just one of their guys ever came to see what we did, and he was very impressed at the information he could hear in the more accurate system with significantly less power. At the time it was a pair of Mac MC-501.

What is a moderate sized room? Would one really require a KW of amplifier to energize the room enough to make Techno and EDM enjoyable?
I have yet to hear a pro sound system that delivers a truly low distortion immersive sound that I enjoy.

It may exist somewhere, I hope it does it would be great, I haven’t witnessed it yet.
JBL or ALTEC asap!!