Audiophile system for Techno and Dance music

Hello fellow audiophiles. What would be your choice of speakers (and other components) for audiophile listening of Techno (!) and Dance music, in a moderate size room ?
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What kind of budget? Are you going to be dancing? Think off the floor.
I love to dance, but tearing up 5-10K speaker. Dancing is one thing, partying is another. Ones off the floor, ones not.. Ones Audiofile, ones entertainment.

Seas use to be VERY popular, around a dance floor. They had that tight techno, ability. 6-8-10" drivers,(metric) I use to be amazed how clear, the music was EVERYWHERE. Does that sound right.. It was always overhead, pointed at a dance stage. The DJ was in his little sound dampened snug, spinnin’ vinyl..

Dance. Dance, Dance.... Tap Tap, Samba!

We use to do a harvest party, Halloween! Mercy. My gear room was off limits, the speakers were in the shop
50 X100 15 foot lids. 1978-88.  6 Bose 901 hung and 2 500 lb bass bins. All pushed with Mac SS and valve gear...1-200 people.. Michael Jackson, Donna Summer, The Bee Gees, THEN Mr Funk-O-Delic, and alway Carlos... Salsa... Amego.. Cha Cha Cha....

Remember the system is only part of the equation. Don’t forget room treatments. 

Personally I would go with the Robosphere Q3! 

That’s the way, uh huh, uh huh, I like it!
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If I were in the market purely for dance and techno I'd give B&W a real look. They rocked it the few times I heard.