Audiophile stores in Denver metro area

I'm here in Denver for seven weeks and have time to go to several prlaces. I have good gear already. You can see in GerryM5 virtual system. I would like to do some high end system serious auditions. I have a rental car so Boulder, Colorado Springs might be doable also. I'm upgrading my secound system in speakers and amplification areas. SE might even be a possibility. I like tube, SS and analog. So give me any speciality stores and locations. You know about large or small is ok. If they have a web site great. If they have an analog system please note that as I have LPs too.

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Try Apex Audio in Denver, Carl Jerritts 303-885-4458
Go 50-60 miles north to, Rick has a store that worth the trip. And since you're in to vinyl, then his store is must see. You will hear a fully tricked out LP12 and a first rate Audio Research system thru Vandersteen 7's. And downstairs you can hear the Wilson Sashas and Sophia's newest model. All in a home like atmosphere. In Denver metro you can choose from Listen Up, Soundings,Denver Audio,Hear No Evil, or for a "guided counseling pre-sale interview" approach there is BluNote. And one last dealer that will take in his time machine back to the 60's try Gold Sound. But I strongly suggest a trip to Ft.Collins for audio alternative.
If you wonder why 'brick & mortar' stores are disappearing it is because of the likes of GerryM5. He will not buy anything at the store he goes to. Perhaps he will hear a piece of gear that he likes, but then will find it closer to home. He turns stores into 'manufacturer show cases', leaving behind a struggling owner. So, I have a new rule. Owners must qualify customers by checking to see if they live withing 50 miles of the store, otherwise they should not be admitted. Let them go to the audio shows. Fair?
Hey guy, why assume something about me that not even close to being true. Why insult me for issues you have with others? You owe me an apology. My feedback is positive. You've posted over 1500 times, yet you have no "Feedback." I'm proud of my actions and behaviors.

We own a home in Denver and live here many months of the year. We also live in the SF Bay Area for the rest of the year. I'm trying to buy more gear locally in Denver area for my Denver home. I only know 3-4 speciality stores here, Listen Up, Cherry Creek Audio, and the B & O store. Help me out here.

Oh yes forgot Cherry Creek. John there is very helpful, but I still think you need to stop in to Audio Alternative
just to see the largest private vinyl collection I have ever seen. And he doesn't even have all of it unpacked yet.
hello GerryM5,

Jealous of the condo in Denver :) We live in Greeley and plan to retire to a condo in Denver as soon as we can!

Nice systems. Audio Alternative is a cool place. A bit out of my budget but Rick was very nice and helpful.

One other pretty good store is Sounds Real Audio. We are into vinyl and tubes. We feature Wilson Benesch Speakers, they are made in Sheffield England and the cabinets are made from Carbon Fiber and metal, real composite material. Stunning speakers. deHavilland Electric Amplifier Company tube gear.

We are about 15 minutes West of Denver towards Golden. Give us a call.

Jim Riddell
Thanks Kmccarty, Theo, & Grinnell for the suggestions. I appreciate you took the time to help me on this. I will visit them all in the next two weeks.

Carl from Apex Audio in Denver here...We have a VERY exclusive (but still laid back) by appointment only showroom and are the largest dealer in North America for 5 of the high-end lines we carry. Not only will you find some of the best gear in this part of the US, you will also find one of the most exclusive art collections alongside it. With the roots of my business going back 27 years, to say we have experience is an understatement.

Our specialty is building the finest music systems out there and operate as a full-time business, not hobbyists "dabbling" or a mid-fi shop trying to do high-end. Our primary focus is to provide the best sound from affordable $1,500 systems (yes, real high-end can come that affordably) to $750,000 masterpieces. We are also vinyl experts.

If you are curious, google Apex Audio Denver and drop us a line!

BTW, I normally don't plug my business online but Kmccarty above requested that I respond to this thread.