audiophile records appraiser

I have a dozen rare audiophile Lps mostly sealed sheffield lab lps that i would to like to be appraised.
Awhile back a professional appraiser connected with Ebay appraised one of my record but Ebay stopped offering this function.
I would like to put my collection up for auction but do not know how to price my items.
Please help
buy a goldmine record guide if you intend to sell more music down the road(they are fun to read anyway). you will most likely(over a short period of time), find the approx price of each on ebay. do not sell as a group, unless you are willing to take a bit of a haircut. all that said, there is nothing worse than selling great records and not factoring in their 'real' sentimental value to you. unless you really need some immediate cash, my advice would be to keep them. if in a few more months you still feel the same way, put them up for sale. if not, you've saved yourself from a homer simpson moment.
.Just watch the eBay auctions and Audiogon when an album that you have is up for sale,making sure it's about the same grade has yours. You will notice on some days and also what time the auction ends on eBay that there is a difference in the pricing fluctuations and at many times with no rime or reason to the madness. Also on the gon I have seen many fabulous lps go untouched for weeks with what seems no buyer in site. It just depends on the day and time when someone wants that particular Lp.
Also checkout www.popsike.come but keep in mind that popsike only lists the highest prices received for records - another source is

Sorry to say that they are worthless and also a health and environmental hazard.

But as a fellow Audiogoner, I will help you out by taking them off your hands, and ask only that you pay for shipping to a New York address.
GEMM may also provide a high and low selling price for you to work with if there are any others listed.
On eBay or AudiogoN the Market will pretty much take care of itself . I start all of my Auctions on eBay at 99 cents . The Auctions almost always bring more than if I tried to sell at a Set Price . To realize these Prices you need to open the Auction to International Buyers . They [ Hong Kong , China , Japan , Germany , Italy , etc . ] make the Market
Thank you fellow goners for the quick replies.
Special Thank you to Vinylmeister and Mt10425 for pointing me to two great sites.
Some of my audiophile records are posted on my Blog at: file:///Users/claudepierrelouis/Desktop/GALLERY/Promotiff_IWEB/Promotif/Promotif/Promotif/AUDIOPHILIAC/AUDIOPHILIAC.html

The hardest part of the whole affair is deciding what to get rid of.
i will be updating the Blog monthly.

Aside from my joke above, please let me know if you have an original, first edition, unopened Discover Again and I will gladly consider paying whatever top dollar the appraiser suggests.
I liked your joke but my copy of discovered Again is unsealed.
The lps can be seen at: click on Audiophiliac link