audiophile recordings of 12 tone/serialist works

What are your favorite 12 tone, serialist, or other 20th century recordings for pure sonic excellence?

Here are some of mine:
1. original LP pressing of Webern columbia box set (Craft)
2. Schoenberg piano pieces on nonsuch (Paul Jacobs)
3. Ligeti string quartets on Wergo (Arditti)
4. John Cage number pieces on Mode (CD only)
5. Morton Feldman 'Coptic Light' (Michael Tilson Thomas)
Just to name a few...
Pierre Boulez "Notations" by Chen (telos CD)

not exactly of dodecaphonic tradition but;

bartoks piano concertos by Geza Anda, conducted by Ferenc Fricsay (gramophone)
Here are a few more, keeping to the 12 tone/serialist genre...

..Three Compositions for Piano, Taub -pf (Harmonia Mundi HMC 5160)

..Three Pieces for Orchestra, op6, Dorati/LSO (Mercury SR 90316 Speakers Corner)

Fetler, Paul
..Contrasts for Orchestra, Dorati/MinneapolisSO (Mercury SR 90282 Speakers Corner)

Martino, Donald
..Notturno, Speculum Musicae (Nonesuch H 71300)

..Pierrot Lunaire, op21, Atherton/LondonSinfonietta (Decca SXLK 6660-4)
..Five Pieces for Orchestra, op16, Dorati/LSO (Mercury SR 90316 Speakers Corner)

..Agon, Atherton/London Sinfonietta (Argo ZRG 937)
..Cantata, Davis/ECO (L'Oiseau SOL 265)
..Septet (1953), Boston Symphony Players (DGG 2530 551)

..Five Pieces for Orchestra, op10, Dorati/LSO (Mercury SR 90316 Speakers Corner)

..Chamber Piece No. 1 (1964), Contemporary Chm Ens, (Nonesuch H71220)
..Quartet (1950,r1954), Contemporary Chm Ens, (Nonesuch H71302)
..Piece in Two Parts for Solo Violin, Harbison -vn (DGG/Acoustic Research Proj 0654 087)

..Chamber Concerto for Cello and 10 Players, Group for Contemporary Music (Nonesuch H71263)
..Speculum Speculi, Speculum Musicae (Nonesuch H71300)
..Percussion Symphony, New Jersey Percussion Ensemble (Nonesuch H71353)
Rushton: I have never heard Martino. Is he a 12 tone composer? I am going to poke around and see if I can find some. (My secret reason for the thread is revealed: getting more music!)

I wish I had the original pressings of some of your listings.
Donald Martino is an interesting composer, imo. Here are a couple of links, including an obituary (unfortunately):

Obituary, December 2005
I am continually learning to appreciate how vast the nonsuch catalogue is!
Nonesuch is a gold mine for American contemporary classical music recordings. Much of their contemporary music catalog was recorded by the outstanding producer and recording engineer team of Joanna Nickrenz and Marc Aubort, and then mastered by Robert Ludwig at Sterling. I will purchase any LP recorded by Nickrenz and Aubort because I'm confident of being in for a sonic treat even if the music is unknown.

And the artists who recorded contemporary music for Nonesuch were really quite good: The Contemporary Chamber Ensemble, The New Jersey Percussion Ensemble, Speculum Musicae, the divine Jan DeGaetani...

I used to be able to pick up used Nonesuch contemporary music recordings under $2. Now many of them are priced over $10 and a few (such as the Varese, Nonesuch 71269) over $20, but still not "expensive" as these things go, I suppose.
Fool that I am, I just paid an embarassing $75 for the Nonesuch LP of Paul Jacobs playing the Schoenberg piano pieces over the internet. The thing that did it: it was still sealed. It blows the CD away, and I will get many many plays from it, so I do not regret the obscene and ridiculous price.