Audiophile Quality from Computer, Best Dac's out t

This link will explain The Computer as High Quality Audio Source

What unit are you presently using

Which one out there do you fill is the best at giving you audiophile quality regardless of what you are using.

Mention powercords, interconnects and usb being used.

What sofware are you running with it.

Whats you would like to see in these units that are not presently incoporated in them now.
Two good links of interest, that I came across, that will get you closer to acheiving audiophile quality through your computer as source.
JKDac...... Excellent, neat the W4S, USB only with direct connection to power amp, no pre, modified Hiface i2s supplied to the sabre chip, off grid battery supply.
You could also try the Burson....... 6 moons loves it
I use a Blue Circle BC 509, very smooth sounding unit, though you'd have to guess what chipset it uses. Gilbut won't say.
Some reviews on the Burson, for those interested
Blue Circle BC 509
John Kenny dac