Audiophile Prayer

Dear Big Guy, Help! Switches, and cables, and fuses and such!  Analog, Digital! Help me Big Guy, I have lost my way. I am out of control over my demand of excellence. I implore you big guy, protect and guide me through these audiophile rough seas. Keep me from reading everything under the Audiophile Sun! Help me be satisfied for a little while before I rethink a few minor tweaks. Thank You for showing me the way. BTW Big Guy, have you seen the new Gryphon Gear? Oh No, I don't think this is working!


They taught me this prayer in The Complete Guide High End Audio Bible School:


Great audiophile who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name

Thy Tekton come, on Podiums done, his listening room be heaven.

Give us this day our daily thread, and forgive us our double-posts, as we forgive those who troll upon us.

And lead us not into Mark Levinson, but deliver us from Schiit.

For thine is the MTM Array, and the power cord, and the cable, forever and ever.