Audiophile pets and their names...

Hi I was just wondering if there are pets in audiophile homes. All of sold product advertised as "Smoke Free, Children Free and Pet Free".
Are there dogs named Woofer, PRAT, NordOst etc?
Or birds named Tweeter, Decibel, Phono, Stereo or Mono?
Or cats named Tweaky, Fuse, Preamp...?
What are the typical audiophile pet names?
My bird's name is Kiwi(very typical name for green parrots), but by his nature he likes to work-out when I do(especially vocalizing heavy breathing:)) so I'd given him second name of Dojo
We have two cats but the gf named them, so its Tigger and Trixie. And yes they jump on top of my speakers on occasion, well Tigger does, and Trixie likes to sometimes sleep on top of my power conditioner.
Jesse is the avatar and is in any of my for sale ads.  I never list as from pet free home. 
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My late little critter was a loyal, very athletic female cat.  She was feral when I got her as a kitten. All she wanted to do was kick my butt every time I'd walk by her .... until she figured out that I was the cook.

I named her "Ella" after Ella Fitzgerald. 

You should have seen her "scat"  :-)
Two dogs, Max & Sadie....Two great dogs with zero interest in my rig, during listening session they just sleep. 
I have a Bald Eagle named Chirppy.
Just adopted two kittens, 2 1/2 months old Bankxie and Bibeane. The little ones are absolutely mesmerized by stereo imaging, my... have they got some maturing to do as listeners. Could not stand a house without feline roommates. We had lost Wheels (pictured in my avatar) 18 yrs., Isabelle 19 yrs., and her brother Zoe 18 yrs. all within about this last year. A tough year for rock stars and house cats in our world, RIP Bowie and all... They were all well mannered audiophile companions (no wire nibblers nor speaker grille territorial markers here!) and exceptional listeners. Wheels (who as legion has it, was rescued from an abandoned car (it is the motor city) was very fond of sleeping near the Atma-Sphere OTL amps on the floor while a listening session was in progress. Could you honestly blame him? Between the warmth and the rhythms, it was a perrrfect spot for an old cat to spend an afternoon with music loving company. My apologies, nothing obviously hobby related name wise with the exception that Bibeane started out as Julia, (McCartney's White Album song about a girl) but the name didn't pop, and she didn't seem to care to answer to it. The moment we tried out "Bibeane" her ears perked up. So it is, Julia Bibeane.
Sammy and Lucy, Two Border Collies.  :-)

Good Listening


A friend once had a pet snake named Reverb!
r_f_sayles, sorry for your old cats. I’d say that 19 and 18 years for cats is pretty impressive as they’ve probably lived happily listening to lots of music that affected their longevity.
My bird is fully flighted and took away outside once by mistake and in 3 days found barely live after cat or even worse -- raccoon attack. He was delivered near 90 miles away from my home to the bird rescue. After thorough ’repair’ by the vet that I would never forget, his vision on right eye is almost lost, but all other abilities to socialize and fly safely remaining unchanged. To cover his bills I sold my turntable (selling beloved turntable turned out to be a piece of cake compared to selling a friend!) I’ve always lived through the desire to have a bird you can talk with and he now talks nearly 6 phrases, 32 words and about 7 mimic sounds at his age of nearly 4 years old. Obviously he’ll learn more when he’ll grow older.
Most of music soothes him up, but with dynamic alternative or punk rock he’s trying singing and dancing:-)
Just a month ago, we got a kitten.  My wife chose the name Taylor, after one of my guitars.
My best friend "Kid" a 3 year old 99 lb.German Shepard loves to sit with me in the sweet spot.
My boxer Nemo steals the sweet spot when I spin bluegrass. Somethin' about bluegrass that gets his tail a waggin'.
My jack Russell Terrier loves to sit and listen with me. Even loud! Animal sound effects are his favorites and get him riled followed by the baroque masters which have a calming effect. No easy trick as any JRT owner will tell you.

I also have various Nipper artifacts scattered about for decoration. Nipper is synonymous with hifi and music to me. My Jack is not too far off from a real life nipper. Doing a HMV type photo with him is on my bucket list. I will get him to sit and look mystified at my OHMs in lieu of a Victrola.

czarivey, yes, thanks. They certainly did live a good long life. Wow, that it quite a story to tell about your little buddy. Thank goodness he made it though to live a happy life! 

Yogiboy, when a good bluegrass tune is on, Nemo is not the only one with a tail a waggin'. Was just listening to 'Ol Doc Watson play "windy and warm" and if I had a tail it would be doing the same brah!

Named our tricolor sheltie "Black Molly".  She was speedy.
I had a Chihuahua named Zoey that always came down to listen with me, she has gone on to listen in another dimension.

. I now have a second Chihuahua named Mia, she could not possibly care any less. She hates coming down stairs with me. Oh well she's adorable.
Pet party at my place this weekend. Everyone invited. Just no pet bats please.
Really bad experience last summer when one flew into our house.
My daughter is bringing over her Bengal kitty - Sofia, and her BF’s dog, a Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix - Lucky (he was saved from a shelter),
to play with our 80 lb black lab Koaltar. My wife and I will be pet babysitting for a week! while they go enjoy the warm sun.
Its fun watching Lucky with all his energy, try to take down Koaltar, who lets both of them climb all over him.
Only the Bengal kitty is allowed downstairs with the systems.
When she was about 10 weeks old it was fun watching her use the rows of vinyl against the wall as a highway.
But now she is fast, so not sure anymore about this anymore. Too many ways to get into trouble.
Pics of them on my system link.
2 dogs: Jasper (Border Collie body/Basset color, m) and Sunny (Plott hound/ Pitt bull, f/m).
Jasper: 'Eye candy' looks, hyper, obstinate, OCD for balls, intensely loyal, protective.
Sunny: Energetic, OCD for food, loves anyone, hates garbage trucks &, motorcycles, confused by people on bicycles and skateboards.
Could care less about music or the reproduction equipment for it.
Happy about that...both are 'power chewers' that could destroy cables in seconds.  Jasper can peel a golf ball in under 5 minutes.  Both make real bones disappear...only the synthetics last, and only certain ones that we've 'auditioned' for that quality.

We keep them well fed and happy. ;)
My wife and kids went to the pound without me and adopted a rescue dog.  Turns out his name was / is Miles.  And yeah, he is a very cool dog!
asvjerry, it sounds as though you have two good companions and vigilant guardians of the audio crypt rolled in one.