Audiophile Origins?

I'm curious. How did you become interested in audio?

In my case, as a kid, my older siblings had a small, tabletop Magnavox stereo record player with fold out speakers (God, I haven't thought about that gadget in a while). I heard the music playing (probably Ferrante and Teicher or something like that) and became curious where it was coming from. Then I started to study the needle tracking the record closely (I could look at the grooves and tell where the various parts of the composition were by the size and shape of the grooves) and the rest is history. I could even identify the song and artist by looking at the grooves (just kidding here, the rest is true)!!!

How about you?
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This thread has about 10 other versions so not sure how many will rehash it over and over, it is a curious subject but has been covered to death. PS my dad taught me by example how to listen and enjoy music, loving his gear when I was young helped feed the fire too.
Hmmm, I guess I should search before I leap.
This was covered VERY recently over at General Asylum.