Audiophile or Videophile Sata cable by Sanctus

Have any of you tried these cables by Sanctus? Can you report any audible sonic improvements in your systems?

Sanctus OS Match High End Hi-Fi PC-Fi SATA Cable 40cm

Sanctus One OS Match SATA Cable 40cm Two Data Match SATA Cable 50cm Set

Sanctus Power Match Audiograde PSU Modular SATA Power Cable 40cm 2pcs Set

I'm just curious as I can't afford these cables. I think a set of these Sanctus cables for a PC would cost more than the PC itself.
Don't spend that kind of money on internal computer cables. Just get a good modular power supply and make the cables yourself. Its not hard to do.

Before I drive myself crazy looking for the proper wire do you have any suggestions on places to source the cables and parts to make the internal computer cables?

Power supply wise I was going to look into SeaSonic as I've always liked their stuff.

Many years ago the Antec Phantom 500 was a favorite power supply of mine. totally fanless.
Try first. Then amazon if newegg doesn't have something. I don't know too much about SeaSonic, but I use Corsair RM series. Just make sure whatever you get is modular.