I have been building and putting together systems since the sixties when I build my first health kit FM tuner ! Yes it was a father and son project my dad got me for my 11th birthday in 1967 .I have been in pursuit of the best sound system ever since, thanks to my dad who had the loudest HIFI in the neighborhood ! None of the neighbors ever complained ! i could mow the yard and hear Elvis, playing at the same time ! I have spent fortunes, in audio equipment ever since my first job .I was that kid who could spend all day at the audio superstore, looking watching listening to the systems in the speaker audition room ! The audio stores are far and few in-between these days, but here is my problem ! In the early nineties i purchased an Onkyo Grand Integra M-508 power Amp @ 225 wpc and a Onkyo P-308 pre amplifier .Went solid state, got my first R2R pioneer 909  audio reverse and a Thorens td 166 mkii turntable with a shure mm cartridge ! A Nakamichi dual Cassette deck , oh yes ! I forgot to mention my Klipsch Cornwall speakers with 15 in woofers and horns ! I was on top of the world ! None of my friends or family could touch the sound that came from that system !  
In the early 2000, i felt last decade, and got back into the tubes, with Conrad Johnson ! Since 2004 I have spent over $45,00.00 k on nothing but the best equipment money can buy ! I am still not as Thrilled as I was over Thirty years ago !
discussed , I sold everything for penny's on the dollar ! Everything except my old Onkyo m-508 and p-308, an old ADC graphic EQ , kept my old AR turntable one of Eric's Sound of the wood, and my klipsch  La Sacla's ALL Vintage Audio old ass equipment and I am the happiest i have ever been ! It is music to my years after spend $$$$$$ and never being satisfied !!!! Am I crazy or what ? I call myself EXPERIANCED ! 

I'm with you Geurds. As a young man I would venture off to the local HiFi store here in Phnx. Spent hours there. Purchased my first component system there. I found McIntosh and JBL there. Many yrs later duplicated that system for my personal use (X3). The brain is a wondrous thing. There were many more extraneous variables effecting your feelings (there, I said it) at that time in your life. I now follow the rule of diminishing return. Happy New Year to all. AB
@Geurds If you can remember, what was the first audio system that made you want to pursue Hi-Fi? What was so special about that system?

Apply what you enjoy most about music to your current system(s). I will admit to owning accurate gear - and it’s not always pleasant to listen to. Mastering errors - yikes!

The ideal speaker system is warm-sounding, detailed enough (not too transparent) has bass and midrange not competing with one another. .. Overall, the system should sound natural and not strained or congested.

Above all - enjoy the music. The emotions and how you connect to artists and lyrics on a personal level. No system in the world is capable of helping you achieve that rush unless you believe it.
You are batsh*t crazy....
I'm just kidding with ya'😋.

It's all in what YOUR audible hearing prefers.
I've heard highend audio systems that I thought sounded mediocre;
But a friend or friends thought those  particular systems were worth a second mortgage.

I can't thoroughly explain it. 
Very interesting though.