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Uh huh, you know you're messed up when you have a theater system, another listening room system, and your outside system. I really should have never stopped in here...*laffs
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I have a 5.1 theatre system on one side of the room
A 2 channel system on the other
I just rotate “The Mustache Chair and Ottoman”

Sorta selfish to the rest of the family.  As the chair is the best seat in the house
 for sound

@radfrad ...lmbo at the chair, one of the most important components often overlooked. heh heh heh, thats my chair...too funny, same around here.
Superbowl time, crank it up. Hope it's a good game.
That had to of been the most boring Super Bowl game I've seen in a very long time.  :(
I agree  Boaring
I didnt care for Half Time Music (personal taste). But respeced singers for remaining neutral
The commercials were boaring to me
The game was boaring
Highlight was good friends and good food
I’m so fed up w pro football it is the only game I watched all season
I used to like it a lot more
I’m originally from Boston (now live in Oregon) and the Pats, Celts and Red Sox are "my teams" (I used to be a big Bruins fan when I was a kid in the early 70s; I could care less now), but last year’s SB was a much better game than yesterday’s. I’m pretty much fed up with all pro sports. Overpaid entertainers, yawn.
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Heh, I catch college occasionally depending my schedule, to me that's football.

NFL, yes, a long time ago followed it. Now days it's the serious playoffs I may watch. You just never know with me tho, if it's not interesting the channel gets changed to music.
NFL allowed politics into their agenda, that was it for me...c ya
Yep. I'm done with the NFL. The actual politics are immaterial to me. If I am watching sports I don't want to see or hear any politics at all, whether I like them or not.

I feel that way about music too. I don't like protest music, although I do like and appreciate some of the civil rights tunes from the 60's and 70's.

I also don't care or want to here want any given music star's politics are. That includes nut-bag, half-witted,  under-educated pop stars all the way to Bod Geldof and Bono. Not saying any of their opinions or causes are wrong or disagreeable......its just that that is not why I listen to music.
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