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What is a channel?
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Commonly the output signal from the amp to the speaker. Left and right which is two channels for stereo. Home theater is typically referred to as multichannel which is usually at least five speakers or channels.
The sound coming out of each speaker in a 2, 5, or 7 speaker system can be different for each speaker. The information that is sent to each speaker is called a channel. For instance most home theater systems have a center "channel". That channel has information unique to the center like perhaps dialogue.
Whats a preamp?Whats a stereo?
Ebm a preamp is an electronic device that was built before the amp era. So pre=before and amp=you know don't you. That's how a preamp was born. A stereo is a round thing they use to steer cars in Italy. We call it a steering wheel and in Italy it is a stereo. Now what I would like to know, what is the five ways of a speaker post.
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