Audiophile music on Amazon

I did a search on the word AUDIOPHILE and a bunch of titles with samples popped up and I was wondering if anything available was worth the effort.
For sound quality, the Chesky and FIM titles can't be beat. As for the music, that is strictly a matter of taste. Try this one: World's Greatest Audiophile Vocal Recordings [SUPER AUDIO CD - DSD]on Chesky.
not sure what the definition 'audiophile music' even implies. 'artist-title-label' is pretty universal.
Jaybo It is time for us to accept the stinkin lable. I have avoided using the term Audiophile for years because it seemed so pretentious and I thought a more humble name would sound better.
I recently got a little mixed up trying to assign a name to myself and those of a similar mindset involved in the "hobby". I finally ended up thinking that audio or sounds and lover, or very much in like with, advocate proponent of, phile. Are probably apt.
Despite negative associations that name carries with it, the truth is that this is not a simply a group of music lovers. There are music lovers all over the place, if you will. What makes us different is that we care about sonic quality of the music we listen to in any genre.
Therefore to answer your question "audiolphile" should point you towards high quality recordings or data files used for reproducing music, any artist on any label etc..
The examples given of audiophile recordings are good, such as those by FIM. Being as open to listening to good music, if necessary, that is not well recorded as anyone else. I still like to use my familiar supposedly well engineered and made Burmester CD to audition equipment and to check my own stuff whenever I need to.
There are a good many others I don't own but have piqued my curiosity like McIntosh's SACDs, Hovland,Ayre and others.
My uninformed guess would be the company which distributes the product provides a description of the product to the retailer. Now weather the product matches the description is a consumer issue.

I've had good luck with Amazon and the music they sell. Of course a little research doesn't hurt.
Why worry about what something is called? If it sounds good to you,that's all that matters.
I always checked amazon looking for good offers on music, once i bought some cds for a cheaper price..i was impressed
I have to agree that it does not matter what something is called just go with what you like to hear. And do not feel bad about calling yourself an audiophile.
You'd be better served by identifying record labels that have a good reputation for their recording quality and then pcking albums based on that than by searching for "audiophile". What kind of music does that get you?

I listen to a lot of jazz and I've recently been very impressed with the Highnote label.
The album : World's Greatest Audiophile Vocal Recordings [SUPER AUDIO CD - DSD]on Chesky. is definitely a must for audiophile and music fans.
While most audiophile samplers can be used to test or show-off you audio equipment. Personally I dont usually listen to the entire tracks or CD's.

Other record labels with great music and recording quality recordings are Telarc and today I checking out Headsup records

Blues fans should check Black Tan Records with Boo Boo Davis, fantastic sound and great music
This is very useful.
you can import music from spotify to google music / apple music / etc or vice versa ).
try tool. This is a great help for anyone. I've used this already!