Audiophile multi-channel amp?

I'm looking for a really good sounding mulichannel amp that first and foremost sounds good for music, but will also be used for HT as well. I'm currently using a Outlaw Model-755 which is pretty good, but I'm looking to upgrade.

My budget is $2500, five or seven channels O.K. I realize at this price range I'll more than likely have to buy used.

Associate equipment: Naim CD5i, Sony NS999ES DVDP, Arcam AVP-700 pre-processor, Energy Veritas 2.3i speakers.

Butler 5150
Krell Showcase 5 used on Audiogon. Great little amp.
Try the Usher Multi-channel amp. I have one and I'm well pleased with it's sound and performance.
Look at the B&K amps - the 505 and 507 are very good.

Also the Arcam is universally acclaimed
Try a Theta Dreadnaught or Intrepid. Great sound and build quality. Good luck!

Amongst those mentioned, plus Pass Labs X5, or even two X3's. Some even buy multiple decent stereo amps, thus obtaining even better internal components and sound. No obligation to purchase all three amps at once, with the third unit being attained with future funding. Same with speakers. Pace yourself and save for "desired" components. Although, there are several wonderful "multi's" to choose from.

Good luck,
Second the Theta Dreadnaught one. Gives a host of stand alone two channel amplifiers a real run for the money. Not sure you can find one for $2,500 but for not much beyond your budget you'll be getting some killer two channel, (musical) performance.
Some of the slightly older McIntosh amps are a real steal here on audiogon.
classe cav 150