Audiophile movie

Last night I was cruising through many threads, including the "What is the craziest design?" thread. somewhere I saw a wonderful movie about audiophiles, I think made by the Athens audiophile society. This morning I can not find the link. Could someone please direct me to the appropriate link?
I enjoyed that one too.

Just search "Audiophile" on and you'll see it. My company is filtering Youtube from our options so, I can't get you the exact link, sorry.

Happy (watching) Listening!

or go to YouTube and search: greek audiophile
That is a great video! Really shows the craziness. I love when they are pressed how much their rigs cost? The wives expressions are priceless...

Plus I feel like such a rookie with my low end system.. hahaha There is a reason I haven't ventured into vinyl $$$$
Great movie. Yes, a bit over the top. Reminded me of catching the train to Salzburg to retrieve my bosses new (demo) Bimmer 535i and taking it for a crazy Autobahn run into the zone. Excessive, pure and well above the fray of ordinary American driving experiences.
As far as crazy and such---I watched the auto auctions on the Speed channel. 5 mil for a Shelby Cobra?? I suddenly feel almost normal; and at least I use my stuff everyday.
Fabulous. Did as much to capture the enthusiasm and the reason for the passion- the love of music- as it did to make these guys seem a little out of the mainstream. Yet, it did not mock them for it.
Man, the jacquelyn du pre Elgar, listened to it the other night on my rig, such a loss.
Thanks for that. I really enjoyed watching it.
Thanks everyone. The link msgarth cites brings you right to the movie. I think it is a "must see" for everyone on a'gon. To me the film is very touching. The quote "the speakers dont disapear, I disapear and there is only music" is very grasshoper and says it all about the quest.
WOW! That was an excelent documentary. Hollywood could sorely use some people like this guy.
Whart, I second your comment on jacquelyn!

Happy Listening!