Audiophile Mexican Society (Sociedad de Audiofilos Mexicanos)

Audiophile Mexican Society (SAM) was created in March 2017 by Fernando Meza. In March 10th 2018, we had our first National Convention in Toluca, Mexico. Julian Margules from Margules Audio Group had an interesting discussion with the crowd. Almost 200 persons from different regions of Mexico attended this first convention. High end equipment from Margules and Mcintosh were in exhibition. Seminars about speakers placement, acoustic and a face to face analoge vs digital were part of the discussion among expositors and public. 
The next National Convention will be organized the first week of November 2018, in Guadalajara Mexico.
@aponis  Thank you for sharing the information on the Sociedad de Audiofilos Mexicanos. 

I came close to purchasing a Margules amplifier and I would have loved to hear Julian in person. 

Looking forward to hearing more information on your National Meeting, as it gets closer in time.

Les deseo todo lo mejor.