Audiophile Magazine Web Locations -- FYI

Here are the locations of the audio magazines you have voted for in 5 or 6 threads about the subject (one of them was mine). I was doing the research anyway so thought it might save you time in the future to see the highest rated Audiogoner zines. Stereophile is off the list since it got more negative than positive reviews.
Top 4: The Absolute Sound (, Bound for Sound (, Listener (via or per fellow Audiogoner Garfish,e-mail at, Hi-Fi Choice (
Next 7: The Audio Critic (I heard this began publishing again, but I can't find a site), Hi-Fi News & Record Review (, Ultra High Fidelity (, Glass Audio (which is now combined with Audio Electronics and Speaker Builder into a new magazine called audioXpress at, Hi-Fi Plus (, Enjoy the Music (a site hosting several zines including their own, I think, at, The Sensible Sound (
Others that still exist (this changes fast) and looked interesting but got no votes are:,,,,,, (online),, (soundstage),,,, (got a negative vote), (valve)
Some other interesting sites that host multiple zines:,,,, http//
A word of warning -- a lot of these links are dead ends since zines change so often.
And, just something interesting: http// (note: I'm not sure if it is home one or home el)
This stuff keeps changing all the time. I hope this is of interest and helps. I neither work for nor am affiliated with any of these (other than buying stuff, I'm not in the industry). I hope I had no typos. Feel free to add stuff or make corrections.
Thanks for the post. Here is the one I use daily. Many of yours are also here:

I especially enjoyed the disclaimer at the bottom. :)
Very thoughtful of you to round up these for everyone. Another source of info is Steve Ekblad's Audio Link site. He does his best to keep it up to date although you might find a few that are dead. It's listed below and there are so many links that it does take a short time to load up. Sean
Thanks Ozfly, you've worked hard for all our benefit. Kudos to you and regards,
Great Work, and a Very Nice Rating was given for this hard work.

Go here for thousands of links for everything audio and music. Alphabetically sorted.

Actually this is the link Main Page. START HERE. The first one is a short cut to the equipment links.

I am sorry, USE BOTH of the starting links above. They are separate lists and are differenct starting points. You could also just start at for everything else other than links.