Audiophile Magazine Recommendation

I wanted to give my dad a subscription to an audiophile magazine, i saw stereophile and the absolute sound were prominent.  Can anyone tell me which is better or if you recommend another entirely?
Stereophile! TAS has become a mag for the uber-Rich! Confession: I still subscribe to both!

I'd like to subscribe to HiFi News And Record Review. But paying over $100/year is daunting! It comes from the UK. I used to buy it whenever I saw it at Tower and Borders - both now gone, alas!
HiFi + (another Brit publication) I have bought in the past. Along with HiFi World. But because both come from the UK subscription costs are high.
I have been a TAS subscriber from the very beginning.  I have every issue.  Stereophile, I started my subscription in 1983, so I go back not quite all the way.  

I still like TAS better.  Always have.

I agree that if the rates, (more about mailing prices) were cheaper, I would also get HiFi+ and HiFi Choice.

Tone Audio is a wonderful e-zine.
Big fan of the British publication HiFi News, been a subscriber for over 45 years. Great reviews on everything from budget equipment all the way up to eye watering prices. Excellent opinion pieces and thought provoking journalism on the industry and technology. Very interesting vintage gear reviews versus modern technology. Also has excellent music reviews covering everything from vinyl to digital downloads over a wide range of musical genres. To top it all, the visual format is very appealing and easy to read.
This isn't related to current mags, but for those who loved Audio magazine, which I always thought was the best, all of the old mags are available digitally here:

Enjoy -
I currently subscribe to The Absolute Sound and Stereophile. I buy the UK publications direct from their website. The cost per magazine drops from $14.99 per magazine in store to a bit over $4.99. Now, I get two UK magazines for the price of one in store.  I enjoy the UK publications. The subscription prices for the UK publications are expensive and now I am able to order only those I want.
I almost forgot to name the publications. I read Hi-Fi World and Hi-Fi Choice.
Back in the day, Stereo Review was worth it, but only for the Rodriquez cartoons.
I save a lot of $ with the Brit publications reading the digital versions.  I much prefer the traditional print but 4 bucks an issue vs 13  is a pretty compelling.  I’ve just taken out a digital version of TAS-I wasn’t reading it for a while after they sold their soul to MQA.  If Stereophile wasn’t so cheap in print I would toss it as well-it is way to vinyl oriented for me
I miss Audio and Stereo Review magazines;

I subscribe to HiFi+ , Hifi News & Record review (HFN) , Stereophile and TAS!

Happy Listening!