Audiophile LOD Cable for iPod

Apart from investing in Wadia's iPod transport, does anyone know of a quality cable that goes from the LOD or an Apple dock itself to XLR? Is this even a viable prospect?
Do you mean analog XLR or digital XLR? In both cases, no, not that I'm aware of.

The best quality you can get from an iPod is getting a true digital output with the Wadia or Onkyo docks.

The iPad allows digital out with it's USB adaptor and it sounds extremely good.
I meant analog XLR. Why is a transport dock the best for iPod sound? Wouldn't procuring the signal from the iPod to a preamp be just as good, maybe better?
because the ipod dac is not good. have had the 170i for a while now. can tell you ipod tunes sound *way* better using a good external dac. if you like your ipod and want to use it with your hifi need to bypass the ipods dac imho.

I fully agree with Levy03.

I wouldn't worry about XLR until you get a pure digital signal out of the iPod first. Then you can deal with XLR balanced (which is a whole other issue that usually isn't as black and white as you might think).

I've used both the Wadia and the Onkyo docks, and they seem to be identical in every system I have used them in, and that also is the experience of others who have compared the two. The Onkyo is more affordable, but difficult to get in the US. Either way, those docks make the iPod compete with very expensive CD transports and should allow your foot to tap. ;)

Have fun....
Krell KiD
Get a Naim DAC - it reads the digital out from the iPod. The DAC itself is wonderful & has been getting good reviews.
I would agree with the recommendations for the Wadia 170i. However, I would also recommend an outboard DAC as well. I have been using the 170i run through a Monarchy DIP Classic to a Cambridge DacMagic with great results at a budget price.
whatever dac you like/enjoy will take the ipod to another level entirely. ditching the ipod's dac is what it's all about. i'm getting incredible results with my psa pwd. good/well matched digi cable also helped as did upgrading the pc for the 170i.

kennyt: is the krell KiD ipod hook-up/connection similar to the one used in the krell s-300i?. i had the s-300i for a while and its ipod hook-up was good.....much better then a standard docking station. but not nearly as good as what i'm getting with the 170i.

I can second Docmark's comment about the Naim DAC. Excellent DAC that works extremely well with the iPod.
I found an Iport FS2 on ebay for less than 50 bucks, I later bought a remote for less than $20. You will need a separate DAC to run it through your system (I may be wrong, but I think all these Ipod docks need one). I had an MSB Link II sitting unused in my 'spares' closet and it's been a match made in heaven, sounds great! Out of curiosity I just chkd Ebay and there's one for sale, new, that includes the remote for $100! I can tell you from experience that running my Ipod, without the port & DAC, directly into my system resulted in sound like Ka-ka!
I'll check out the alternative DACs.
The Naim DAC will handle the features of the Wadia, and it's a wonderful DAC.