Audiophile license plates

In the 1980's California allowed auto owners to purchase personalized license plates. I think I'm about ready for one now.

Do any of you have an audiophile themed plate on your auto?

I was thinking of using HIFIMAN , TURNTBL, TUBEPRE, PREAMP, REEL2RL, MONOBLC or something of the sort.

Please post your suggestions for my new plate. You are allowed only 7 spaces on the plate for your name...including any blank spaces.

Mitch4t, I'm talking about people breaking into your car!

Relating to your other comment,
"my place is the last place a thief would like to come to if they know what's good for them"
gun owners shouldn't put any NRA, or other pro-gun signs or stickers on your car or house. Guns, electronics, and jewelry are the most desirable items for burglars, the majority of whom are trying to support an expensive drug habit.

If thieves can't see it, or don't know that you have it, they'll look elsewhere.
Okay, Ladies and gentlemen: Time for a riddle, as long as we are talking about license plates. (And no, it has nothing to do with Audiophile terms, but it is a fun riddle.)

A very popular 1980's VW car has a license plate which reads: "ML8 ML8"

Okay, now here is the rather easy question:

What color is the car?

It wouldn't be a white VW Rabbit would it?

Thats funny.

For a fundraiser in high school we demolised a VW Rabbit with baseball bats and sledgehammers. What was the coach or anyone else involved thinking?