Audiophile Headphones Wired/Wireless 4 smartphone

Hello everyone Im new to the site and I have 3 question that I beg to be answered as Im desperate and waiting on a new phone and I want some good headphones to go with it; Please address questions separately as english is not my first language so I would appreciate clarity!

#Question 1

Would be great to have a top 3 or 5 list of both wired and wireless headphones that are good value and must be>>> PHONE FRIENDLY<<< meaning I dont plan on using any amps or using them on my desktop!

The ones I have my eye on are the
Sennheiser HD 600 which seem to be the best value for money headphones there are; so I hear anyway. The HD 800 are a bit pricey unfortunately but I hear good things about them... The momentum 2.0 wireless are my second choice but Im afraid Ill lose sound quality if I go wireless :-S which leads to question nr2

#Question 2

In your educated opinion how much loss of quality is there between wired and wireless headphones? Im basically clueless about this and have no experience in good sound quality headphones as I usually used cheap ones until recently I borrowed an expensive pair of a friends of mine and realized the difference and that pushed me into finding a good pair...

#3 What smart phone would be best to go with hifi headphones? Or should I just forget the phone and buy a badass mp3 player like the AK Jr.? Or other examples you can give me of good mp3zz

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