Audiophile Grade Wall Receptacle

Moving homes.  Any recommendation for quality wall receptacle?   Pangea?  Audioquest?





I have SR Orange Duplexes and an InaKustic 3500PC and I still have noise.  What really needs to happen is for the USA to have an audiophile circuit breaker.  I am not an electrical engineer but to me, it would make sense to eliminate noise at the main panel.  I have spent countless hours researching this to no avail.  It seems Europe and Asia have approved Audio grade Circuit breakers.  

What attributes would an "audio grade circuit breaker" have that would make it different from a regular circuit breaker currently in use in the USA?  Can you post a link to an example?


No, I can't cite a specific example but the same can be said for a duplex.  Power is coming from the panel box which is noisy to your outlet.  Again, I am not an engineer and no very little about electricity.  Where is the source of the noise coming from?  Just getting an upgraded outlet is not enough to me.  BTW, QSA has upgraded circuit breakers in addition to upgraded outlets.  The main attribute of an upgraded circuit breaker would be a cleaner quieter signal.  


I agree with you on an audiophile circuit breaker , using the audiophile forum I found this .

But I believe that this would mainly or possibly only useful if you have a dedicated line but at least the breakers are available at a reasonable cost . 


Thanks for the link.  I am sending an email to the company to get more information on the circuit breaker.  I do have a dedicated 20amp line for my two-channel