Audiophile grade power cord with flat plug?

Due to WAF concerns, I need a good (but not highest end) power cable with a flat plug so I can keep my component credenza as close to wall as possible. The cord will feed into the power conditioners in my credenza, so I figure it need not be the best out there (I am saving that for post-power conditioning use) but I want something more than a stock cord. The only thing I have found is the PS Audio Xstream Plasma cord (interestingly no reviews of it seem to exist). Anyone know any other power cords with a flat plug? Thanks.
Flat or 90 degree?
Contact Don @ DCCA. He can design the type of PC that you need & at a price point you should find attractive.
I use Tributaries. Inexpensive, sturdy, arguably audiophile or not. I think the web site is .
Above link.[]
Audiophile grade power cord with flat plug?
Grinnell, its a flat plug, not 90 degree. I checked out the Tributaries, that is a great find. I will also look into DCCA options. Thanks guys.
by Hifimatt