Audiophile Grade CDR's

Anyone found good audiophile quality CDR's? In the past, some of the black and blue colored CDR's were good, however, I've heard the quality has gone down in recent years. Some outfits are selling what they call audiophile-grade CDR's that are black. Any feedback or other recommendations?
Stick with Taiyo Yuden or Mitsui.
Second the vote for Taiyo Yuden. I've used them for years. Excellent and consistent quality.
Type in Taiyo Yuden on google search and you will find several vendors selling them. Do compare the prices. If you are in a rush, run down to your local computer supply and find some Fuji film brand CD-Rs. Double check the labels to make sure they are made in Japan.

the ones made in colorado springs are said by some reviewers to be the absolute best in existence. Don't know where the ones above are made, but I've used them for years and they're fantastic.
I have found the Mobile Fidelity Ulta Disc 24kt gold to be absolutely flawless. I use them exclusively with great results.
The MoFi CDRs are probably as good as the Taiyo and Mitsui discs but are expensive. I also like to use the inkjet printable Taiyos.