Audiophile Gold import CD's?

I've recently seen a bunch of items on Ebay (that should tell you something!) that I'm curious about...Beatles MFSL gold discs that are Italian pressings. Also, a slew of Gold CD's from China and Taiwan. Anybody know what the deal is?
There were never any legitimate MFSL CDs made...just LPs. If they exist, they're bootlegs...most likely CD copies of the LPs. Of course, they may still sound great if they were done correctly, but I wouldn't pay hundreds for bootlegs.
I bought the "Italian" MFSL Beatles collection. They are obvious fakes and the sound quality is very poor, far worse than the plain CDs in the stores. The "Japanese" versions are also fakes but have sound quality about equal to the regular commercial disks. All of the "audiophile" gold CDs from the far east on ebay are just lousy quality CDRs. Save your money and learn from my experience. Just to clarify Phild's post, MFSL did make plenty of legitimate gold CDs, just none from the Beatles.
I have a CD made by Milan from France. It is a gold CD copy of the movie soundtrack "come see the paradise" with orchestra composed and conducted by Randy Edelman. The audio fidelity is top notch. Why can't all CDs be made with this kind of quality. Then the digital vs analog war would be over and done with.
I have a lovely "Japanese MFSL" version of Magical Mystery Tour that I picked up a while ago on E-bay (before I saw threads here noting that they were all fakes). Upon receipt, it was clearly a fake. Seller mysteriously disappeared from E-Bay after that. I suppose I'm lucky that they sent anything.

If you want it, I'd be happy to part with it for 75% of what I paid :~) Add 3% for Paypal.
They are just Gold color CDs :-)...Hmm come to thing of it, I think the Gold CD are sonically more superior to regular CDs or SACD or DVD-A. ;-)