audiophile fuses for Luxman, Wyred 4 Sound, and Simaudio

Hi all,
I have a Luxman L509x integrated amp, a Simaudio Moon DAC, and a Wyred4 Music server.  Which, if any, of these might benefit from upgraded fuses?  I'm not interested in much experimenting, just in getting the best sound (I know that's subjective) I can with some tweeks.
Thanks in advance.
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I haven't compared fuses. All I know, the Synergistic Research Blue Quantum Fuse comes with a 30 day no questions asked return. So I tried one in my Melody tube integrated amp. It was like upgrading to a $500 (at least) power cord. So I got a couple more. Herron VTPH 2A, same thing. Even my Teres turntable motor controller. Same thing. Huge improvement. 

Another thing, they definitely are directional. In the Melody it was impossible to tell which way the current flows. 50/50, stuck it in. Sounded better but somehow not right. Flipped it around. Sounded incredible. Right away. Even much better days later. But incredible right from the beginning.

No idea if "audiophile fuses" are any good at all. Only know the Blue Quantum Fuse is highly recommended!
A suggestion: Find the HI-FI Tuning, Classic Gold fuses, that Parts Connexion is selling for peanuts(closeouts), compatible with your components. If you discern an improvement/a difference with those, spend more for better.
I think millercarbon's suggestion is the way to go. I have indeed tried and compared multiple type of fuses and the Synergistic Research Blue fuse will accomplish what you want. Your music will have a more relaxed flow (less grain) and a better soundstage. The Blue fuse is significantly better than the Hi-Fi fuses. You have superior equipment that deserves a superior fuse. 

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In terms of components, digital is so far behind analog I didn't even bother trying these in my CDP. So no idea really about the DAC. The biggest most clear cut improvement was in my Melody tube integrated amp. Coming in a fairly close second was my Herron VTPH 2A. That leaves my Teres Verus motor controller trailing a distant third, which given it uses 2 fuses if there was one I would do without (or maybe try somewhere else) its that one.

So with my three it seems the stuff with the greatest current demands improves the most. In the best case amp situation the magnitude of the improvement is on the same level as upgrading to a much better power cord. Considering the minimum on that is about $300 for a use Synergistic Research Master Coupler at about twice the price of a Blue Quantum Fuse, the Fuse is definitely worth it.
My suggestion is predicated on the fact, some can hear no differences, in their equipment’s presentation, with high-end fuses. If you can hear no differences, with the older Classic Golds, chances are; you won’t with the newer, more expensive ones either. I thought I made the test’s purpose clear. Of course; conducting a test like this, with the much more expensive fuses and a 30 day refund in place, is attractive. That is; as long as none of them happen to blow during your trials.  Have fun/happy listening!
Many thanks to all of you!
Fuse threads never fail to bring out the angst, fear, trepidation and uncertainty exhibited by fellow audiophiles.