Audiophile extension power cable?

I need a 15ft run extension power cable. Does anyone know where I can get one that's decent quality and not overpriced? I'm currently using the mini digital stealth with a Purist Venustas to cdp and a Nite cord to the Stealth. I'm not looking for a 15ft powercord to replace the Nite, I simply need something decent going from the wall to the Nite. Thanks.
Check out Chris VenHaus.
One option would be to build your own. I've made up some power cables using this stuff: Belden 19364 and some Marinco plugs from Parts Express that were easy to put together (no soldering) and worked very well.
If you like the Nite, Virtual Dynamics makes different versions of extension cords as well.
A lot of cord makers will make you a custom cord by special order. You just have to ask..