Audiophile demographics?

Why are there a disproportional number of male audiophiles?
Not sure if this is a silly question, but speaking for myself, I have never met a female audiophile.
I am sure they exist, but their scarcity begs the question as to why.
Is it merely that men have more of the "mine is bigger than yours" mentality, do men love gadgets and tools or is it something more sinister?
You can blame me for asking the question again, but if the responses are any indication, the demographics haven't changed and female stereotyping is still an issue. Sad, but not surprising as the world gets more polarized every day.

"I do think "meiatflask" hit a big nail on the head. Women who have kids usually don’t have the time or means to invest in "equipment." I didn’t start buying expensive (expensive to me) equipment until my kids had all moved out of the house."

That’s it, in a nutshell. Biological differences.

Of course social norms are changing, particularly in the western world, and men are now usually more involved in child rearing.

Hence the predominance of the more mature audiophile, as well as the younger ones.

Family life tends does to get in the way of this hobby. Heck, I had to sell my turntable with the arrival of my daughter!
I wasn’t pushed, or forced, it was simply a question of priorities and the right thing to do.

Was is worth it?

Ask Homer Simpson. You’d get a similar answer. Oh the role of the poor harassed male in these difficult times..!

Hang in there everyone.
I believe you-all may have missed THE women issue." Being part of the whole"
Point in case. We play our stereo maybe 3 nights a week I.e. Lp’s or stream.
Now when I go over and pull out a L.P. she’s not the involve even if I ask what she would
like to listen to. She usually nods off or plays un-interested.
NOW when is she a listener? A HA! I will tell you all in our case when we stream music
say Tidal or Qobuz. I hand our Mac Pro to her. I simply say play "SOME TUNES" anything
you like "HONEY". p.s. just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary if that helps you understand women a little better!!
@artemus_5 Unfortunately, much of the rock from the 80s and 90s that she wants to listen to is not well recorded or mastered so she criticizes the system. The 60s and 70s rock is preferable. Prong, Osborne and Metallica sound more like noise than Allman Bros, Steely Dan and Led Zep. She doesn’t appreciate Yello which sounds spectacular. 78s are more enjoyable to me than Osborne. My high end audio system in my custom listening room can make most music sound good to great but some music is just too much like noise for me. Actually, the 2nd system (better than 95% of audiophiles systems) has 3 10" woofers and are tighter and punchier so that her rock sounds faster. When I pick the pop or classical music (she gets bored with jazz) she just sits and enjoys it. I appreciate her input though as to system changes though. I have 25,000 LPs/7,000 CDs/7,000 78s to choose from.
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