Audiophile demographics?

Why are there a disproportional number of male audiophiles?
Not sure if this is a silly question, but speaking for myself, I have never met a female audiophile.
I am sure they exist, but their scarcity begs the question as to why.
Is it merely that men have more of the "mine is bigger than yours" mentality, do men love gadgets and tools or is it something more sinister?
My middle daughter (age 38) loves music and always has. We share “have you heard ....” all the time, since her teenage years.  And while at her home it’s mostly Apple Music through a Mac with speakers, whenever she gets back to my house, she always wants to spend time listening to music on my rig, letting me take over the “have you heard....”.   She is not interested in what equipment I have (although she asks what’s new), but in transporting herself into the music, eyes closed.
While her budget is a major limitation, her time (raising 2 kids) is also limits her.  But when visiting us, she is on vacation/holiday and has more spare time.  So, she may never be an audiophile due to budget and time limitations, she does appreciate the listening experience.  So when I die (hopefully many years from now) she gets the stereo.
It is in the DNA. Men are more inward which allows them to enjoy listening to music which typically is done without much conversation. Women are more outward and enjoy company and conversation which is not conducive to critically listening to a hifi system where you are either listening to enjoy, which is a non-talking event or to figure out which item needs to be upgraded next, which again requires quiet.
There are quite a few female audiophiles on this site.You don't notice them because they avoid the long argumentive threads.
@gg987  - My wife sees how careful I am cleaning and organizing my records with the jackets, folders (in many cases), sleeves, boxes (in some cases) and wouldn't want to go through the trouble, and probably never wanted to put the stereo on while I wasn't there. She does put on DVDs/blu-rays on her own when that is hooked up though. She won't play it through the stereo, just through the TV, because once again, she doesn't care.

Did you ever see the fantastic movie Diner? Check out when the subject of the record collection comes up. Classic.

And I wasn't born in the 50's. Never met a woman audiophile. Glad to know one and your set up is too organized and neat for even me.
Most women are not interested in audiophile gear because they are not interested, period.  They are not mistreated or excluded by men.  They are not beaten by their husbands for touching the stereo.

If women were interested in audio but didn't like the way men do audio, they could get together with other women and talk about audio or listen to music.  There is no one keeping them from enjoying better audio.  They just aren't interested, with exceptions, of course.
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