Audiophile demographics?

Why are there a disproportional number of male audiophiles?
Not sure if this is a silly question, but speaking for myself, I have never met a female audiophile.
I am sure they exist, but their scarcity begs the question as to why.
Is it merely that men have more of the "mine is bigger than yours" mentality, do men love gadgets and tools or is it something more sinister?
Most college girls do not need a great stereo to hook up.  Many did not have the income from summer jobs to purchase one.  Who wants to go to a female's house to listen to girley music?
I think it is just that they are uncomfortable or disinterested (many of them) with the technology complexity and demo areas. Some of the high end rooms look like physics labs. Less women go into STEM. If you told an audiophile demographic survey, it would probably lean more towards science/engineering/technology/math types or mechanically inclined guys that like to fix things. BTW, it also holds true for video. My wife doesn't even know (or probably care) if a channel she is watching is HD or not. But she likes music, but is scared to touch anything on the stereo except the volume knob. Never has made it louder....

I bet more women are into cars than stereos. Now, they may not be into high performance cars always, but they seem to have pretty strong opinions and know what they like. BTW, many HATE high performance cars.
Much of this discussion is thought provoking and revealing about the authors. What some posts do provide is a look backwards to say, the 1950’s. Certain comments, especially those about wives afraid to mess with the gear controls, caused me to cringe. Were they shown how to use them? Were they uninterested or afraid to learn? Or were they warned not to go there?It shows how far we haven’t come. And sadly, many women still seem to be afraid to push boundaries and venture where no woman has gone before. 

My middle daughter (age 38) loves music and always has. We share “have you heard ....” all the time, since her teenage years.  And while at her home it’s mostly Apple Music through a Mac with speakers, whenever she gets back to my house, she always wants to spend time listening to music on my rig, letting me take over the “have you heard....”.   She is not interested in what equipment I have (although she asks what’s new), but in transporting herself into the music, eyes closed.
While her budget is a major limitation, her time (raising 2 kids) is also limits her.  But when visiting us, she is on vacation/holiday and has more spare time.  So, she may never be an audiophile due to budget and time limitations, she does appreciate the listening experience.  So when I die (hopefully many years from now) she gets the stereo.