Audiophile demographics?

Why are there a disproportional number of male audiophiles?
Not sure if this is a silly question, but speaking for myself, I have never met a female audiophile.
I am sure they exist, but their scarcity begs the question as to why.
Is it merely that men have more of the "mine is bigger than yours" mentality, do men love gadgets and tools or is it something more sinister?
Women are smarter than men.
No their not! Men are just dumber. Does that make sense.
One's just dumber than the other, No quarters given here. Same women 45 + year, Worlds longest on going WAR!!! With no blood shed!!

Me and the dog on one side. The wife the goat and the bunny on the other.. pretty even so far...

Things we have in common... MUSIC... other than that, man the barricades. LOL

Like vets (animal doctors not retired soldiers) women are more prevalent than their male counterparts in lots of things- musicians being one example and not just flautists and bands of old such as The Breeders, Girlshcool, Siouxie and the Banshees, Susie Quattro, Alice Coltrane, Barbara Dennerlein and Barbara Thompson etc..- also compare modern orchestras to the 50’s.

Strangely not yet in the weird world of hi-fi ( though my mum still has fond memories of my folk’s first place where there was no furniture apart from a bed but there was Quad and Kefs- ESLs were too expensive even then).

I know two people both (still) into hi-fi (one very much so) who became transgender and now both have changed sex  
Women are not smarter, they are less gullible.
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