Audiophile demographics?

Why are there a disproportional number of male audiophiles?
Not sure if this is a silly question, but speaking for myself, I have never met a female audiophile.
I am sure they exist, but their scarcity begs the question as to why.
Is it merely that men have more of the "mine is bigger than yours" mentality, do men love gadgets and tools or is it something more sinister?

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Music often plays a role in the emotional lives of men.

For whatever reason, we men do not give ourselves permission to feel, let alone show, many of our deepest (and often most poignant) emotions. We bury them, and we’re damn good at it.

For whatever reason, women are not nearly so inhibited.

Music is a place where we men can feel things, and it’s okay for us to do so. So we are more likely to value and seek a musical experience which conveys emotion.

There’s more to it, but that’s one often overlooked aspect, in my opinion.

For a deeper insight into the role music can play, you might check out this YouTube clip.  Ironically, the audio is pretty bad: