Audiophile CDs By Genre

With my new 2-channel system up & running, it's time to start rebuilding my CD collection with audiophile quality. Has anyone compiled a list of audiophile recording companies by genre? For example, I have been very pleased with the jazz offerings by Mapleshade. Thank you.
I am very impressed by many of the XRCD24/FIM recordings, some of the best digital discs I've ever found. For multichannel audio, I love the AIX records discs.

Try them, they are awesome demos and music!
TACET: classical, especially superb piano recordings

STOCKFISCH: acoustic (solo guitar and small combo, voice) also some baroque; not everyone's cup of tea, I noticed, you will either love it and think Guenter Pauler is on of the greatest producers ever (as I do) or find it over-produced and too much "in-yer-face"

First Impression Music K2HD CDs: various styles, small catalog so far

XRCD, XRCD2 and XRCD24 CDs (JVC, FIM and others): mainly for jazz

MFSL: mainly pop/rock

NAIM: careful here, you often wonder why some of the stuff ever deserved to be released (artistically, that is); anything with Antonio Forcione or Charlie Haden on it is just wonderful, though.

ECM: contemporary jazz

I'll think of a few more when I see them, may follow up then
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Here's one more audiophile label offering contemporary jazz and world music: The ACT Company

E.S.T., Live in Hamburg or Roessler/Vogt/Vitous, Between The Times are just marvellous.