Audiophile Boston pressing?

Can anyone advise whether high quality pressings of Boston's first two albums are available? I can't find that MFSL, Simply Vinyl or other such companies has ever offered these albums. Failing that, is anyone aware if 180g pressings are available? I have seen a Japanese pressing or two offered on eBay, but was not sure of the quality. What is the best example available?? Many thanks!!
The first, self-titled album was reissued and remastered a number of times, including by some of the 'audiophile' labels you mention. See,
However, the original album was mastered by Wally T, who was a formidable mastering engineer, so I wouldn't disregard an original pressing. I suspect those are easy to find in the bins, condition may be another matter. Good luck.
I agree. Sometimes the best sounding records for music like this, is to just find an old original copy in good shape.
I would agree. The originals are more than sufficient. Not sure if the did a half speed master back in the day.However, at a couple bucks a pop, nick up a few original s.
not biggie to find near-mint original pressings for $3...5. it's a very common record
I have a CBS mastersound half speed mastered of that LP,a very welcomed addition to my collection years ago,haven't played in in a couple years but very impressive sound.I just pulled it out of my rack to play tonight again.
I don't mean to brag but I got a Boston Third Stage CD made in W. Germany for MCA last week, this is the one with the aluminum layer extending all the way to the spindle hole. The best part is I got it for a dollar.
Boston is typical audiophile band. Good sound and recording industry standard music.
"Boston is typical audiophile band. Good sound and recording industry standard music."

Well I guess you and I aren't listening to the same record.

Shakey, correction -- the same music.
I tried an original pressing from Better Records, a CBS half-speed, and the MFSL half-speed. Of the three the original was by far the best IMO. Try a few originals to find the best one.
Sorry to reboot an old thread, but I'm listening to a Wally pressing of the self-titled album, and this is just a superb recording of hard rock.
I have two of each of them. Originals. I am taking them to the grave!

Saw them live again this summer for the sixth time. Always a great concert band.
The best ones I have on vinyl are in this order:
Japanese, best overall sound.
American original, good but bass could be better.
Fridays Music, good bass.
MFSL, Crap, very muddy compared to all above.
Bostons first album I feel was over processed especially compared to an acetate 45 I have.
Another +vote for the original CD. Sounds very good to these ears. I was thinking that there is a Sony "gold" CD
pressing of this title.

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
The wally pressing is fantastic
I tried Japanese pressing Boston and it sounded more like juke box only pressings.
Hi all, I'm new and joined to discuss Boston vinyl quality. I find the self titled album hard to listen too, way too much wall of sound going on for me. I use a pioneer sx-980 with klipsch forte ii speakers and a pioneer 9500 EQ. I can describe the sound as shrill, bright, no depth, weak. mish mash all run together. Since it appears I am the only one hearing this do any of you have any advice please?
I get the best sound from Blondies greatest hits 180 gm album, original 1976 Blue Ostyer Cult, Jeff Beck wired to name a few. Thanks!