Audiophile Blu-Ray player(s)?

I am considering a Blu-Ray player, but do not know if any are considered of Audiophile grade in sound quality, as in playing a redbook, SACD or other disks. Any experience you have would be appreciated.  

why a blu ray player ?                 

are you going to use it for music and videos ?

before you were looking for suggestions on a SACD player.....
DirectStream Memory Player
Pioneer Elite UDP LX 50
also plays SACD,DVD-A.  It doesn't do streaming. Sounds great, fantastic picture, $1K
riley,  keeping options open, and I do have more than one system...but like many audiophiles (audio piles) I explore many avenues. 

Since I am not a videophile it is useful to possibly benefit from the experience of others. 

Pioneer UDP-LX500.
Ayre DX-5.
It's about a $2k investment, but Panasonic DP-UB9000 with the Oppomod "Complete MOD" is likely going to be the best you can do with a new product:

People are still actually paying $3k+ for a used Oppo 205 unit
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I have two Pioneer BDP-09 FD Blu-ray players. The MSRP for each was $2200 when new, but you can find them today for much less. I don’t know what you would consider an "audiophile" player but I do think that you would be hard pressed to find a more component unit for both audio and video. They don’t play SACDs, sorry. If that is important to you, my Oppo 105D plays everything very well and you can find them preowned for around $1,000.
Thank you to all for your input and information.