Audiophile Bass?

I was reading an article about spikes vs. rubber feet and the author mentioned what he called "audiophile bass". His assertion was that the bass that audiophiles pursue is not real life bass. One comment from the article (paraphrasing) states that when you listen to bass at a live performance it will not be the tight, clean bass that you will hear from most audiophile's systems when they are playing music. The discussion in the article was that in order to get audiophile bass you would need spikes to reduce the transfer into the floor (because of the very small contact points). The rubber feet will cause the bass to be less clean and tight. I tried this on my system and he was right, with the rubber feet the bass was definitely boomier. But I do prefer the spikes. I like to here the notes on a bass guitar, it's not enough that it is just bass. Have any of you had similar experiences?
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There is no relation whatsoever between real performance and an audio reproduction on a cd or on a files...We must learn to love them for what they are; very different experiences...

There is no relation between unicorn and a deer or a rhinoceros...The unicorn is beautiful tough...The deer and the rhino also in their own way...
With a 6 inches bass driver, no sub, I listen to a magnificent clear bass.… No 20-30 hertz for sure but who need that?

Except for the good speakers I owns, the result is linked to :

1-The mechanical controlled environment of each electronic component (vibrations-resonances controls)

2-The cleaned electrical grid of the room and of the house

3a-the "passive" room treatment with materials absorbant and reflective ones

3b-the "active" acoustical space modifications with reflectors, Helmholtz resonators, Schumann generators, etc.

We must not confuse room treatment 3a with acoustical space modifications 3b. because one work in a passive way, the other work in an active way)

I understand the need for deep bass in rock music or some other musical genre...

But I listen mostly jazz and classical, then 40 hertz, even a 40 hertz without balls is ok.... I have that and nothing more is necessary...

When I was in my crib my mother close the door and let me silent in a silent space... :)
That explain probably why i even disconnected my Kreisel sub....:)

With passive room treatment and active modifications of the acoustical space the speakers can plays 40 hertz with his 7 inches bass woofer...Without balls tough, i feel the bass in my body but no walls shaking... :)

I cannot resist mijostyn to tease you.... My best...