Audiophile Bass?

I was reading an article about spikes vs. rubber feet and the author mentioned what he called "audiophile bass". His assertion was that the bass that audiophiles pursue is not real life bass. One comment from the article (paraphrasing) states that when you listen to bass at a live performance it will not be the tight, clean bass that you will hear from most audiophile's systems when they are playing music. The discussion in the article was that in order to get audiophile bass you would need spikes to reduce the transfer into the floor (because of the very small contact points). The rubber feet will cause the bass to be less clean and tight. I tried this on my system and he was right, with the rubber feet the bass was definitely boomier. But I do prefer the spikes. I like to here the notes on a bass guitar, it's not enough that it is just bass. Have any of you had similar experiences?
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I agree about not wanting to replicate bass, that at a concert is massively distorted. In fact, I walked out of an Elton John concert because the loudness was no longer music. Crap! I really wanted to see and hear his music live.. not midrange notes actually bouncing off the walls, and slapping you, not to mention every single other sound/noise.
 OTOH, I heard YES perform in Tucson, and you bet, I would strive to replicate what I heard that night. They really had it together acoustically, and the musical talent was over the top.
Come to think of it, I like WAV files better than CD, although I haven't put my finger on it. I will listen closer and try to hear if there might be a cleaner bass when compared.I know that this could go on and on, but the source is the source, and if you thunked there, it won't get better downriver.