Audiophile Balanced XLR Y Cables

Does anyone know of pre-made audiophile grade XLR Y cables for bi-amping? I have a Classe CA-201 I'd like to use on the top end of my Legacy Focus 20/20 and 2 B&K Ref 200 monoblocks for the bottom end. I'm aware of custom made cables, but wonder if anyone makes such a thing which is audiophile grade?
Many thanks in advance~
Check out FM Acoustics PIT (Precision Interface Technology). Top sounding no-frills
cable, and relatively cheap.

*Note that FMA's standard of balance connection is (3+, 2-) ~ in reverse to the more
widely used (3-, 2+). So best to specify equipments when ordering to ensure proper
and correct signal transfer.
The good folks at Kimber made me a set some years ago from KCAG, nice and not too expensive as I recall.

Bvdiman, I dont think it matters with the cable which is positive and negative in a balanced configuration, the leads should be identical for both.

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Sorry, I'll clarify. Was actually editing when your post came in Peter..

Not the +- of the cable, but I am relating more to the equipments. If one happens to be using a mix of differently balance configured equipments, better to spec'd and have factory properly reverse/custom the innards of cable instead of using invert switches on them - which in most cases I hear slightly degrading the sound. One can also otherwise flip (the + - of SC) on the speakers side as well to overcome this.

*Of course if configuration of everything matches (ie.source? > pre? > amps (Classe + B&K), then all is well. :)

I have a custom made pair from Jena Labs to sell, as I no longer biamp. Email me if interested.

Check out Purist Audio for a one piece adapter or call Kool Cables Inc for custom made.