Audiophile Artwork? Posters? Anything?

The other day I was at a jazz club and on the wall saw a vintage-retro Phillips poster on the wall. In vivid colors the art work depicted …radios and tubes and your typical 50’s women just awestruck over the technology! I was inspired to find some classic posters featuring ..stereos… radios or tubes for my listening room. Some kind of tube poster would be awesome. I did some quick searches on Ebay and on Google and didn’t find much. Any suggestions!!!!Thoughts?
Cool idea! If you can find any audio canvas paintings (fat chance I guess) you can acoustically treat your room at the same time! Hmmmm...
I collect posters and saw two cool tube posters at a recent show unfortunately they were very pricey, $12k and $30k for 1920's era lithographs.
You might call Antique Electronic Supply in Arizona. They don't list posters in their catalog, but they buy huge lots of discontinued tube stocks, perhaps there are catalog covers, books and display materials they would be willing to sell.

For sheer beauty, Mosaic Records has limited edition prints in black and white of some of the most gifted jazz musicians of our time. These are hand made photographic prints and fairly expensive. I expect they will increase in value over time. Link to their site provided below.
I don't know if Albert sells any of his prints but they are very fine.

If you are interested in an audiophile artwork, i can re-create anything you want on canvas. From the photograph, print or life. If you want, have your girlfriend to pose next to your rig, i'll do the painting. Reasonable!
I always thought that even an audiophile calendar would be nice, some photos of amps, speakers, or exotic systems each month. Maybe we can talk Eldragon into making one available for next year.
If you want to do your own on the cheap and like jazz I suggest you buy a copy of the Bluenote Album Cover Art

I did a little diy stereo for my niece and she turned around and went to one of those "you frame it" shops with this book and did 8 knock-out Jazz frames for me. They are life size. They sure aren't Albert's prints or Eldragon's art or anything but she says they were easy to do, cheap, and they look great.

Very nice prints can be made from the computer these days if you have a good source. I suggest you consider using the cd version of the British National Valve Museum Collection.

I have seen some and they are very good quality. It's a beautiful site if you like tubes.

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I say we get Steroephile to run some foldouts! ;-0
I am about to complete dozen or so paintings and prints that are dedicated to this hobby of ours. They will be available in 'poster' format, done on profesional press. I will list them for sale here on A-gon hopefuly by mid June?! Reasonable of course!
Here is the link to some posters i "worked" on:

also see details featured on the "Classified Tube amps".
I'd like a copy of the B&W print of the Synergistic Research ad currently running in the audio press....
Sure, with "healthy" contribution you can have it.