AudioPax stereo 88

Hello All,

I have been using an AudioPax Stereo 88 with an Avantgarde Uno setup, and it has been working great for the last year. Unfortunately as of yesterday, I get no sound from the speakers at all. The tubes light up, but no sound at all. I've checked all the speaker connections, and everything looks good. The speakers are OK, as I have checked them with a Tom Evans Linear A.

I am based in Japan, and was wondering if anyone knows the contact details for audiopax (Eduardo), so that I can get this fixed. Or if there is anything else that I should check inside the amp, any pointers would be great.

I will try changing the KT88 tubes tomorrow to see if it makes a difference. I changed the driver tubes, but that made no change at all.

Thank you very much,

Send me an email to [email protected] and I will reply with contacts details.
thanks James,
I have sent u a mail.
Sorry for the delay, just at the time audiogon changed their website, and I thought this thread was lost (couldn't find it).....