audiopax Model 5

I would like to know what your experience have been in dealing with Audiopax?
Particularly interested in any experience concerning their preamp, the Model 5
I am a huge fan of Audiopax and own the new version of the Model 88 Amplifier, which IMHO, is a fantastic, ground-breaking tube amplifier.

My dealings with the company have always been very positive and following an internal reorganisation, their customer service has been excellent.

I auditioned the Model 5 at the time I was auditioning the Model 88 and rated it highly. The amp has no colorations, no frequency response aberrations and I would probably have purchased it if I had not gone the CD direct to amp route.


I rate Audiopax VERY highly. I use their amps and preamps. I actually have 2 of the Model5 preamp so if your in the market let me know Ill give u a good price
I actually own one, and just got the new Power unit, which makes it very different. Hence my question..
Egidius - what are your thoughts on the Model 5? Do you think the new power supply made it better or worse? It lookis like it is not in your system anymore.
Well, I still own it, but to be honest, yes, it has been replaced by a very simple solution:
I currently use an all Audio Consulting silver rock passive pre into MIPA amplification: I am a very happy man!

Looking to sell the Audiopax, despite the fact, that the new power unit made it a completely different animal, somehow it is one of the most colourfull units i know, like autumn leaves - whereas the Silver Rock strikes me as a little brook of water..
I might actually prefer the Audiopax with large Orchestra, but my own interest is really chamber music, piano, and some jazz.
I am surprised that you find the Audiopax coloured - most people who have listened to or who own this amp tend to praise it for its transparency.
I think, you might have misread: colourful as in rendering colours vs coloured as in sounding veiled.
I find the A'pax very transparent, i.e. not coloured, except in direct comparison with probably the most transparent preamp existing, the Audio Consulting Silver Rock passive TVC.
On the other hand it does seem to render more colours.

'that clear?

Clear like colorful glass! So what types of things sounded different with the new power supply?
..that is actually quite easy, it is really much quieter.
On a more careful note: It does seem to be more substantial in sound, and this is exactly not completely sure where the line goes in comparison with the Silver Rock TVC.
The incredible thing is, you can finetune it with the Timbre control, which according to your mood can be fabulous or a true bore, as you can never leave it alone ;-)
So, using the Audiopax will show your character!
you are looking to sell the 5? $$$???
I just acquired a Model 5 SE - sounding very good - very transparent.