Audionote Soara MC cartridge - specs wanted

Anyone have any knowledge or details about the AudioNote Soara cartridge? I have one that I'm trying to optimize, but have no specs. Interested in the recommended tracking weight and loading especially, but all other comments welcome too. Thanks, Samir.
The only thing I could find on it is it weighs 11 grams, and has 0.06mv output. Don't know if it is Kondo or UK.

You can email Peter Q. @ Audio Note. I've emailed him many times, and he always gets back to me quickly. You could also try David Cope @ Triode & Co. He is the US distributor for AN, and is also very helpful.

If the Soara is an AN/Kondo cartridge, try Ambience Audio.

Hope this helps a little.

Thank you, Joe. I think it'd be Kondo, not UK. I'll look into Ambience Audio. Samir.