AudioNote M6 pre-amp

Can anyone tells me about this pre-amp, I'm thinking to get this pre-amp,this y need audiophile fans suggestion.Thanks!
I have an M3 and it is the best I have heard. The M6 is at an even higher level. I don't see how you could make a mistake.
I have the M5; the M6 is nothing short of magnificent. It's the Audio Note preamp that has brought home how vital a good preamp is: the soundstage, layering, subtlety, vitality can be butchered by something less. It's worth at least one gonad, perhaps both...GET IT!
I have an Audio Note M6 pre-amp that I purchased approximately one year ago. Before the M6 I owned the Fi Preamp recognized in Listener Magazine as a 5-star
product (their highest rating). Anyway, for the first couple of weekends the M6 sounded somewhat dull and lacking of rhythm. The third weekend it suddenly began to sing and hasn't stopped singing since it's break-in period.
Compared to the Fi it is more dynamic, transparent and alive. It works well with both tube and transistor amplifiers and handles long cables easily.
Lastly the phono section of the M6 is truly superb.