Audionote DAC 2.1 Kit USB

I am on the verge of buying the Audionote Dac 2.1 USB. I am not clear as to whether I can hook this directly to a computer and use Itunes player. I ripped my whole cd collection onto an external hard drive in Apple Lossless format. Will the output from the Itunes player of Apple Lossless format via the usb be recognized by the AN 2.1 DAC.
Post your question at the Audio Note Kits Forum and I'm sure you'll get your answer. You can also contact Brian Smith, the NA distributor of Audio Note Kits through the website at Audio Note Kits for an answer to this and other questions regarding computer connectivity to the Audio Note DAC Kit 2.1 USB.
I use a "prodigy cube, converter from ebay for 100.00 works great. My tech uses the same one and he has been an AN guy for 20 years. I use my laptop to a 2.1 dac.