Audionet CD/DVD player

I've been on the hunt for a top notch CD/DVD player in the under $5000.00 range and ran across a german manufacturer called Audionet. After looking through their web site I'm looking at the VIP. anyone have or hear one of theese?
Never heard any of their stuff, since it's practically unknown in the U.S. However, rumor is that their products are excellent.
I have their preamp Pre1 G2 and the power amp Amp1. Incredible products. The VIP is a dream player.
The VIP is awesome! I've never heard a better CD player for the cost. Check out , they are distributing Audionet for the U.S.
I have the ART II CDP and it is awesome. The units are not well known in the US but have been taking the UK by storm since firming their distribution with Wilson Benesch (speaker manufacturers from Sheffield). Audionet is Germany's Krell. on the continent it is mentioned in the same breath as Wadia, Accuphase etc. It has recently also provided the in-car hifi foir the 7 series BMW and new Rolls Royce.